Serious Personal Injury

We will solve your legal needs quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to running your business and not bogged down in costly and lengthy legal matters.

Personal Injury Law Firm: We think a 33% fee is too high.

We are a small firm and do not treat you or your loved ones like a commodity. We are very selective in taking cases for we believe in customer service and results, not looking to just generate a long list of clients . We give each client professional,yet personal, attention. We return calls on the same day they are received.  We are not going to promise an unreasonable result; instead we are honest, forthright and open to discussions on all matters.

We offer free initial consultations and contingency fee agreements (less than 33%)under which there are no attorney fees if there is no recovery.   We can charge less because we are selective and choose not to take part in the impersonal commodity-type client relationships that leads to huge marketing costs that have to be passed onto clients.

Serious injury and death need immediate and thoughtful attention,  so give us a call and see what we offer over the other law firms.  You have nothing to lose besides more money and the opportunity for a real customer service legal experience.

Please do not be fooled by fancy marketing tricks and overblown web pages and TV ads,  just give us a call and learn what we can offer to you or your loved one.We are real people that represent real people with real needs.